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From: Lauryn S Beltz
On: April 15, 2019 @10:31 am
Bought: When You Are Smiling... I am dancing. I am disabled. You are quite an amazing musician! Toda! Lauryn Beltz (yes, from the shetle...)
From: Saundra B Heard
On: November 05, 2018 @10:30 pm
Hi Seth, I see you are performing at An Die Musik this week. (11/7/18) How is Will? I remember him well. I used to team teach with Nancy at Montessori. I enjoyed listening to short pieces of music here on your website and on Youtube. I will try to catch you at An Die.Take care and tell Will hi! Saundra
From: Cherise Tricia Fung
On: March 27, 2018 @11:38 am
Hey Seth, will try for tix for your Passover show in NYC. Would be awesome to see you and reminisce about Cornell jazz. Cheers, Trish
From: Gloria Brown
On: November 07, 2016 @12:30 pm
Great show last night at the JCC!!! THANKS!
From: John Siegmund
On: June 21, 2015 @03:14 pm
The Kleztet's music is very enjoyable. I first heard you play at outdoor Christmas shops in downtown D.C., where I picked up a card.
From: Stephen Power
On: January 14, 2015 @11:42 am
Very entertaining series of videos on MonkeySee. Humor is a great asset of any teacher, and you have it in bucketfuls.
From: Judy Floam
On: September 11, 2013 @10:33 am
Hello - I see by your website that you don't give lessons but I wonder if you know someone who does. I am looking for a teacher in the general area of Pikesville. Thank you.
From: joan princler
On: September 07, 2012 @11:01 am
we finally found you...can't wait to hear you too. We saw you with darrell years ago and then lost you.you can't go too far now without us knowing where you are. hope to see you soon.Joan and Jerry
From: The Barretts
On: June 27, 2012 @07:49 pm
You, your trio, and your kids, were our highlights at the June Road Scholar @ Peabody. "The Great Pretender" (sold by your very junior business manager, is giving us lots of pleasure.
From: Marge F.
On: July 30, 2011 @12:02 am
I'm really looking forward to your concert tomorrow night in Chestertown's Music in the Park series, especially since I've never heard you with a group other than the Kleztet (per your first and later concerts here). In fact, just learning recently that one of your groups is what's on tomorrow, I was inspired to dig out one of your klezmer CDs you gave me that has some tunes I really love (including some that are a real pick-me-up, which was exactly what I needed tonight). Hope you get at least a little cooler and less humid weather than what we got today, which was certainly brutal.
From: Derrick Miliner
On: January 23, 2010 @10:10 pm
Thanks for the e-mail Seth. Great website and promotional material. Keep expressing yourself to the world. Derrick Miliner
From: Vladimir Fridman
On: December 08, 2009 @11:05 am
Hi, Seth! Great new records on YouTube!
From: Colleen
On: June 14, 2009 @09:05 am
Danced to you at D-ville Mill last night, first time hearing you! I was SO impressed! Great musicianship, and really really fun to dance to! So many times, bands are either "dancer's bands" or "listener's bands," you hit both right on the head! Hope to hear you again soon!
From: Taryn Williams Stubblefield
On: April 04, 2009 @10:12 pm
Hi Seth! Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I'm still following your music! I enjoy the e-mails you send out every so often. Now, if you could just get some pictures of the little boy on there! The website looks great - very professional and user-friendly.
From: Diane Carroad
On: March 26, 2009 @07:02 pm
Best horn player in the DC-Balto area -- period. And one heck of a great person as well -- multi-faceted talent, brains + heart.

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